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Closet Shoe Hoarder*

  My husband is a shoe guy. He has shoes of all kinds – dress, boat, work, sneakers, lawn work sneakers, snow boots, steel toe work boots (one of his jobs required them), cowboy boots, flip flops, casual nice, and what he calls ‘house shoes’ which are essentially slippers.  He has a couple pairs in… Continue reading Closet Shoe Hoarder*


Father’s Day – A Reminder of a Broken Promise

Father’s Day is hard for my family. Both my husband and I have fathers that aren’t around.  I have a wonderful step-father that Trey, M, and I adore but it isn’t the same.  The day reminds us that we can’t pick up the phone and call the men who helped raise us.  Trey’s dad was… Continue reading Father’s Day – A Reminder of a Broken Promise

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Meal Planning – Toe Officially in Water

So… meal planning… no bueno. Any time I get the itch to work on it, it is at a time where it isn’t possible. Super busy at work = “I really want to get a plan together for the supermarket” 2AM = “I shouldn’t have put it off, now would be good if I had… Continue reading Meal Planning – Toe Officially in Water