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Back to School – Mom Guilt

My daughter is simultaneously flourishing and struggling. M has taken to kindergarten very well. The stories she comes home with are peppered with activities in the classroom along with the social aspects of what so-and-so said or did.  I try to live in my bubble that M is doing what she needs to do in… Continue reading Back to School – Mom Guilt

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First – First Day of School

I have a kindergartener! Miss M did very well yesterday. Trey and I spent the day a little nostalgic and weepy (that was just me) wondering how she was doing.  When we went to pick her up she was waiting with a group of kids holding a sign with her last name, like a little… Continue reading First – First Day of School

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Anxious – Miss M Going to Kindergarten

My daughter M starts kindergarten next Wednesday, a week from tomorrow, one RHONY away.  That is soon. Friday, M and I go to her school for kindergarten orientation. This has brought up all sorts of feels.  From the "normal" questions - Is she ready?  Will she make friends?  Will she be scared?  To the selfish fears in… Continue reading Anxious – Miss M Going to Kindergarten

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Family Time – Chapter Books

I mentioned last week that Trey, M, and I went to the library. I had forgotten how magical they can be!  I remembered my dad reading chapter books to me when I was around M’s age but can’t remember a single one.  Oops! Since I have a horrible aversion to people/strangers/asking questions I sent Trey… Continue reading Family Time – Chapter Books

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Social Media Perfection

I am still struggling with Facebook. My Facebook fast is over . Mainly because so many businesses are on there, my daughter’s school, dance school use it regularly, and it was becoming harder to avoid it than it was initially. I still find myself falling for the ‘everyone else is perfect trap’. Looking at my newsfeed… Continue reading Social Media Perfection

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Leg Warmers Required

Trey and I started a workout DVD* series together. We both need to lose weight and honestly, we are more successful when we work on a goal together. I first watched a clip of the workout and thought – well, well other than the trendy workout gear this could easily be a Jane Fonda aerobics… Continue reading Leg Warmers Required

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Diligence - (noun) careful and persistent work or effort Financially, for as many mistakes that Trey and I have made we have also made progress that I don’t give us enough credit for. I remember at least one episode of "Roseanne" where her and Dan were picking which bill(s) to pay for the month.  They… Continue reading Diligence